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to Plautilla Bricci

to Plautilla Bricci

Particolare della copertina del romanzo “L’architettrice” di Melania Mazzucco

History and biographies have always fascinated me. The sources of inspiration for my projects, whether of architecture or design, are often female figures. Their stories speak of talent, vision, new languages ​​and an almost total absence of social recognition. For some years now, I have decided to link my design directly to their memory. The names of the Dampaì design objects-to-wear are a tribute to the female personalities that I feel closest to me.

Simona Giovannetti

One of these is Plautilla Bricci (1616 – 1705), the first female architect in history.

Melania Mazzucco, in her novel “The architect” (Einaudi, 2019), gives her the recognition due by relocating her in the place that she deserves, and not only in the pictorial and architectural panorama of the Baroque Rome of that time.


A Plautilla

We are in the first half of the seventeenth century, immersed in a Rome full of artistic and cultural ferments. Plautilla is the daughter of Giovanni Bricci, painter, draftsman, playwright, a witty, free and original man who satisfies his fervent curiosity by enriching a vast library of universal knowledge, something not common at the time for a representative of the working class. Giovanni educates his daughter in painting, encourages her in her work and introduces her to a creative environment frequented by unknown artists as well as illustrious personalities such as the eclectic Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Giovanni Romanelli known as Raffaellino, Pietro da Cortona, Salvator Rosa, the great Francesco Borromini. But it will be the meeting with Abbot Elpidio Benedetti that will change Plautilla’s life. An intense and indissoluble bond forms that, between presences and absences, over time will see the initial passion transmute into a more complex and articulated feeling, made of deep friendship, esteem, mutual support, and shared planning.
Elpidio will later renounce his love to serve Cardinal Giulio Mazarin, and Plautilla will devote herself body and soul to art and architecture. Their paths will cross, once again, in the construction of an extraordinary residence on the Janiculum Hill, near Porta San Pancrazio: Villa Benedetta, named after their ideal daughter, but always called “del Vascello” for its bizarre shape with the prow that points towards the Vatican, immersed in a play of waves and with a spectacular view of the Eternal City. But it was Elpidio, who had trusted in Plautilla’s genius for the design and execution of the villa, who obscured her name by mentioning her only as an assistant to her brother Basilio Bricci. “The world is not ready to accept that a woman builds a house for a man,” he had told her. Plautilla understood, but without forgiving, because her work and her independence always counted for more than the ephemeral illusions to which we often surrender our feelings.

So that this memory is not lost, “our” Plautilla is dedicated to her. And to all women architects.

Disegno del Vascello – prospetto longitudinale 1663 – Archivio di Stato

Bernarda Handbag Cini:

MUTEVOLE (Transformational): Long live Neoprene!

MUTEVOLE (Transformational): Long live Neoprene!

Waterproof and heat-insulating, elastic, resistant to atmospheric agents and aging, neoprene has always been used to make diving suits, giving us the priceless thrill of swimming and diving into the sea at any temperature.

Faithful to the virtuous philosophy of wear aware, that is to say ‘conscious’ wearing, DAMPAÌ uses it for the bags of the Ethical & Friendly line which also uses recycled leather, felt obtained from plastic bottles, and silicone which is a durable and recyclable material. When Chiara Ghiggi – diving instructor and passionate participant of the Grand Bleu – suggested creating a casual and ‘sustainable’ fashion accessory by reusing the neoprene of the now defunct diving suits, we liked the idea and got to work, convinced that even the late Jacques Mayol, legendary deep-sea freediving specialist adopted by Elba, would have appreciated this romantic and green challenge. Simona Giovannetti, head and soul of Dampaì, unleashed her creative genius and after a few days of cutting and sewing MUTEVOLE, a soft and practical bag / backpack with a minimal and original style and made of 100% neoprene, was born in the house workshop of imprisonment in Porto Azzurro, thanks to the precious help of Sinan and Yosmeri.

Carefully finished with steel eyelets and a rope lace with a logoed end, MUTEVOLE can be combined with a comfortable neoprene wallet, with a zip and carabiner, perfect for accommodating everything that is not found when looking for it.

Text by Marco Tenucci

From houses to things …

From houses to things ...

The architect Simona Giovannetti photographed by the artist Pablo Massa

I arrived on Elba by chance; I was a child, only ten years old. I lived in Taranto with my family and my father worked at Italsider, today Ilva, an acronym that happens to be the same as the Latin name for the island of Elba. A name, a destiny.

We wanted to move and the company had suggested Cogne, in the Aosta Valley . My father accepted, but as soon as he got off at the station he suffered an allergic asthma attack. Cogne would not be the place where we would move. The next proposal was Elba , where Italsider managed the mines for the extraction of iron.

This is how I arrived on the island, by pure coincidence .

I have often wondered how my life would have changed if I had grown up in the mountains instead of by the sea. I think the liquid element would still have called me to itself. Because I am a woman of the sea . Viscerally linked to Elba and so proudly an islander that whenever I am abroad I always find a way to point towards where I come from.

Elba has given me a lot. I have always cultivated a passion for design , which according to public opinion I could have developed only by attending the good salons and having the right acquaintances in Milan, Paris, London, and New York. My classmates at the Faculty of Architecture, who had the same dream in their hearts, were living there, in the undisputed capitals of fashion and design. Instead, stubbornly, I stayed on the island and, after years of designing houses, I created DAMPAÌ , an ambitious project based on fashion bag and accessories that has strong roots in the territory. All the members of the factory, for example, live on Elba and from the beginning our advertising campaigns have involved only people from the island, who therefore feel part of the whole idea, like a choir.

In 2017 I moved the warehouse and opened a small workshop inside the Pasquale De Santis prison , in Forte San Giacomo in Porto Azzurro . From that moment the bond and the collaborative link with my island have been strengthened, if possible, even more.

The prison experience, with people secluded for years, is changing my way of feeling about and organizing work. You have to live this experience to understand it. Today I have two employees, Sinan and Yosmari. Zhang returning home at this time, having taken advantage of the opportunity he was given after nearly two years of excellent work for Dampaì. With Yosmari I cut, sew and take care of the warehouse, while I have entrusted the management of the online shop to Sinan. A climate of understanding has been created, of genuine respect. And it functions.

There is pride in having done something good together, that is not taken for granted. It’s working. The perception of gratitude and the feeling of having built something. I believe in further focuses me on my project. I am convinced that we must dare, that we must have the courage to embark on a company that we believe in, and then even the difficulties can be overcome.



Among the architectural discoveries on Elba that the publisher Pacini collected in the book “CASE MODERNE HAUSER” – from Roberto Gabetti and Aimaro Isola to Gio Ponti – it was a pleasure and a source of pride to find my renovation and expansion project of a villa located in Capo Bianco, one of the most evocative places on the island.


In the aforementioned project I transformed “Villa Meroni” by proposing a new typology more suited to the coastal area where the building is located, while maintaining the existing materials and the large openings already present in the original building.


The direction of the work was very well supervised by the surveyor Mauro Zamboni with whom, in deep friendship and esteem, I worked for many years in the technical and design studio in Portoferraio, which I left in 2018 to follow DAMPAÌ.

THE “villa Meroni” PROJECT

current state

project state

Press Twenty21

Press Twenty21

Virtuous projects, company best practices, and testimony from entrepreneurs, researchers, and creative people committed to promoting a new way of doing business, more attentive to the well-being of the individual and the environment. Wise Society is an international multimedia platform dedicated to improving the quality of life in an ethical and sustainable way. In this interview (https://wisesociety.it/energia-e-impresa/dampai-dal-silicone-al-neoprene-nel-solco-delleco-design/) Simona Giovannetti, creative soul of Dampaì, talks about eco-design , “wear aware” and the ethical dimension of work.

rassegna stampa aprile 2021 rivista 9 mesi dampai

Bimonthly for pregnant women, 9 months offers many tips to better deal with pregnancy, the moment of childbirth and the period immediately following. The April / May “Shopping” section, dedicated to fashion accessories for spring, hosts our versatile and colorful Pouch and Pouch-Small, silicone clutch bag with spiral zip and logoed zip puller, to be carried by hand or on the shoulder thanks to the shoulder straps interchangeable.


Bimonthly printed in New York and distributed nationwide, Art Bodega Magazine combines editorial content, celebrity news as well as a guide to the latest hotspots and trends in fashion, health, fitness, culture, travel, beauty and more. . In the “The Item List” section of the Spring 2021 issue, the set of Bernardino silicone bracelets with logoed steel bar stands out.

Very popular news weekly, Vero is a well-balanced cocktail of news, stories and characters. In the “Moda stile” showcase of n. 11/2021, among evergreen garments, seductive proposals and irresistible accessories there is also our creative Bernardino , a set of multi-strand silicone bracelets with a logo-ed steel bar.

In its second year of life, the elegant Algarve Plus Magazine fully explores lifestyle, fashion, food and iconic places. In the March issue, the “Up front” column features Lucia n°4 in silicone, enhancing the chromatic range and the different customizations.

Born to bring our country closer to English-speaking readers all over the world, Italy! is a magazine dedicated to our excellence, from places to food and wine, from culture to fashion. In the February / March issue, the “Top Picks” space presents Cini n °2 in silicone, defined as “bag of cool”.

Travel often, live well. Even in this difficult moment the spectacular Drift Travel Magazine continues to show us the world in its infinite facets. And to make us dream. In the Winter 2021 issue, inside the “Travel Gear” showcase, our Lilly and Cini n °1, both in regenerated leather, show off their exceptional versatility.

The first Italian magazine dedicated to pregnant women, 9 months offers serious and targeted advice to deal with the magical and delicate moment of pregnancy. In the “Shopping” section of December / January 2020/21 a flamboyant Lucia n °1 in regenerated leather is presented in two of its four combinations.

Special thanks to Eva Aprile Head of Press Loft Italia |  and follow us on our Exclusive Space where you can download all the Dampaì material published!

Deep Red


Red has the impetus and dignity of an intrepid heart (Man Ray)

When, every year on February 14, Valentine’s Day knocks punctually on our door, everything around us has already taken on total red colors for days; from flowers to cards, from chocolates to hearts, from clothing to any type of gadget. Just think that in the last twenty years the Pantone Color Institute – which identifies the new trends in terms of color – has repeatedly suggested a variation of red, from Chili Pepper to Grenadine, from Living Coral to Flame Scarlet, from Valiant Poppy to True Red. Many shades but a common denominator: symbolizing passion and anger, jealousy and sin, pulsing blood and eager lips – in short, life and love.

Fashion journalist Diana Vreeland, considered a style icon in the 1960s, said that “Red is a great clarifier – bright and revealing. I can’t imagine getting bored with red – it would be like getting bored with the person I love. ‘ And since we, too, hate boredom, here is all the red of our collections.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Text by Marco Tenucci


blog- anello lovejoy con sfera gialla


For the advertising campaign of the LOVEJOY RING, Andrea, Claudia, Marco and of course I decided to photograph girls of non-Italian ethnic origins, either born on Elba or who simply live here. With the ring on, they were supposed to assume the typical position of those who demand silence, with a finger to their nose. A decisive gesture, a message, addressed to those who, especially in those months, screamed in the media about the desire to close national borders to those arriving from distant territories.

Launched a call on Facebook!

We launched a call on Facebook, and set up a photo shoot at my house, as always, and on a winter afternoon on Elba we waited for the “models” to arrive.

Girls we knew and girls we had never seen or had never met came. They came alone, with a friend, with a boyfriend or with their parents.



The night before, I had gone to the cinema and in the line behind me was Michela, a beautiful girl with Asian features. I asked her if she wanted to participate in our advertising campaign and the next day she arrived accompanied by her father. She did not know the other girls, but immediately a sense of connection arose between them all, perhaps because all of their origins were at once so different and yet so close. The shyness and mistrust of the first moments disappeared quickly.

Soufian, a boy from Morocco who has lived across from my house for many years, read the post on Facebook, and telephoned to ask me if Martina, his partner, 100% Italian and mother of his daughter, could be photographed: “Of course ! “

Finished the job

We had photographed the last girl and were all enjoying a final cigarette together, when Jennifer arrived with her parents: her mother from the island of Elba and her father from South America. Jennifer hadn’t wanted to come, she thought she looked ugly and didn’t want to appear, but her mother pushed her to be photographed and she was right: Jennifer was beautiful.
We worked, laughed, and talked; some of the girls did not yet have Italian citizenship, but we all felt like “islanders”.
We photographed all the girls who came to visit us: all beautiful, all Dampaì!




Ai WeiWei


* Il mondo è una sfera, non esiste Est o Ovest.







The LoveJoy Ring

is an expression of the binary system of joy, the DAMPAÌ philosophy.

The LoveJoy series was created at the beginning of 2015, in conjunction with the passage of the comet C / 2014 Q2, better known by the name of its discoverer, the Australian Terry Lovejoy, and visible as a luminous trail in the skies of the northern hemisphere of our planet, in a southerly direction, projecting onto the constellation of Eridanus, at the bottom right of that of Orion …

LoveJoy is the DAMPAÌ ring: the steel support where you can insert and play with colorful, brilliant and pearly spheres.

The colors vibrate and transform us ….










is a design object to be worn in a game of combinations.


it’s color, it’s design, it’s play, it’s emotion.


The visual communication campaign with the girls of Elba, all so different, all so beautiful!

YES to love, YES to joy, YES to all geographic backgrounds.


Shopia e Nadia

Is silicone eco-friendly?

Braccialetti in silicone con accessorio in acciaio Bernardo&Cuore Dampaì

Silicone is indisputably a sustainable alternative to plastic.

Eco-friendly: silicone, unlike plastic which is a derivative of petroleum, is a derivative of silicon and due to its composition is considered part of the rubber family. Silica is one of the most widespread natural resources on earth and is absolutely non-polluting. It has been used for centuries for the production of glass and is currently used in many industrial sectors.

Resistant and non-toxic to aquatic or soil organisms: silicone resists extreme changes in temperature – from very cold to very hot – without melting, cracking or degrading.  It is practically indestructible, unlike plastic which, dispersed in the environment, breaks down into micro-fragments (microplastics) contaminating our land, the oceans, and becoming food for the animals that confuse the brightly colored pieces of plastic waste for food.

Recyclable: Silicone is not a hazardous waste and, although not biodegradable, it can be recycled after a lifetime of use.

Respectful of the environment: it does not contain oil, does not contain lead, does not contain PVC, all potentially harmful substances for both human health and the environment.

Silicone mon amour

Versatile, resistant, recyclable after a long life, non-polluting, respectful of the earth, flora and fauna, seas and oceans: silicone is indisputably a sustainable alternative to plastic. Polymer, manufactured from silica, which is found in great abundance in rocks and sand, and which has been used for centuries for the production of glass; silicone is a material that lends itself to multiple uses above all in the field of design and fashion accessories. A striking example is the line of 100% silicone bags that Dampaì has combined with the classic production of leather and recycled leather bags.

The brand, founded in 2011, fruit of the creativity of Simona Giovannetti, Elban architect and fashion designer who has always been attracted to the colorful world of plastic, has found in silicone a valid eco-friendly alternative.

 “I needed a material capable of overcoming numerous challenges: safer for health than plastic, completely recyclable and therefore with less impact on the environment, but at the same time durable, unalterable, hypoallergenic, soft, able to sustain and if possible, expand the chromatic range in which our collections are realized”.

 “This is how they came to be created: Cini n ° 2, Cini n ° 3, Lucia n ° 4 and the Pouch, all made of a silicone carefully chosen to withstand intense use and capable, in their versatility, of embodying style and taste, and lasting over time, because

“a design bag is forever “.

Four models different in design, size and color, but united by a virtuous project and a romantic slogan:

“Silicone mon amour”.

Testo di Marco Tenucci

Art in shop window

Art in shop window

DAMPAÌ, since 2017, has made its showcase available in the DAMPAÌ STORE in Portoferraio on the island of Elba, to artists who have had something to tell.

The DAMPAÌ STORE of Portoferraio is located on one of the most beautiful promenades in Italy: the Calata Mazzini.

Barbara Blin – September 2021
Barbara Blin – September 2021
Sebastiano Lo Manto – August 2021
Sebastiano Lo Manto – August 2021
Alessandra Corti – July 2021
Alessandra Corti – July 2021
Giovanni Ronzoni – June 2021
Giovanni Ronzoni – June 2021
Rossella Bessi – September 2020
Rossella Bessi – September 2020
Elia Fabbri – August 2020
Elia Fabbri – August 2020
Pablo Massa – July 2020
Pablo Massa – July 2020
Walter Puppo – August 2019
Walter Puppo – August 2019

In July 2018 ARTE in VETRINA was dedicated to the ElbaBookFESTIVAL as it has always been a supporter of this independent publishing festival that takes place in Rio nell’Elba (on the island of Elba), because words are important to DAMPAÌ.

DAMPAÌ & ElbaBookFestival – July 2019
Francesca Groppelli – June 2019
Manuela Cavallin – June 2019
Manuela Cavallin – June 2019
Walter Puppo – November 2018
Walter Puppo – November 2018
Sig. Mati – October 2018
Sig. Mati – October 2018
Laura Valleri – September 2018
Laura Valleri – September 2018
Angela Galli – August 2018
Angela Galli – August 2018
Patrizio Usai – July 2018
Patrizio Usai – July 2018
Federico Serradimigni – June 2018
Federico Serradimigni – June 2018
Pablo Massa – August 2017
Pablo Massa – August 2017
Pablo Massa – August 2017
Sig. Mati – July 2017

The ARTE in VETRINA project in 2021 will be included in our online shop and each artist who will be able to arouse our interest will be selected and will be able to exhibit and sell their own work of art in the Dampaì Showcase.

For information write to press@dampai.it


Barbara Blin  #tempoturchese
Sebastiano Lo Manto #sebastianolomanto
Alessandra Corti @alessandra.corti.progetti
Giovanni Ronzoni @giovannironzoniarchitetto
Rossella Bessi @rossbessart
Pablo Massa @pablo_massa
Elia Fabbri @eliaatratti
Walter Puppo @walterpuppo3904
Francesca Groppelli @francescagroppelli
Manuela Cavallin @manuelacavallin
Sig. Mati @signormati
Laura Valleri @vallerilaura
Angela Galli @angelikartinfiniito
Patrizio Usai @patrizio.usai.photo
Federico Serradimigni @federicoserradimigni

DAMPAÌ colors

DAMPAÌ colors

DAMPAÌ is color, it’s design, it’s play, it’s emotion …

Colors vibrate and transform us ……


I am in YELLOW when I direct my thoughts into the world; I feel YELLOW when I take an initiative, when I start organizing a project, when I move willingly towards something.

BLUE are summer nights. BLUE is deep meditation. BLUE is the voice of the song, the soul that manifests itself. I feel BLUE when my ideas become abstract. BLUE is the highest mentality, the ability to see, the intuition. Creativity is BLUE.

I thought ORANGE when I reached the awareness of being female, of my sexuality, of my right to express myself. Here, ORANGE is a profound self-appropriation, the song of life, and of my individuality.

RED is the fiery sunset; it is birth, it is life, it is the passion that rises in my heart, it is the happiness of rolling around on lawns. RED like victory, RED like your lips, like revenge, like blood.

The BLACK METAL of obsidian or metallic hematite is the renewal of vital energies, their transformation into new life. From BLACK METAL I feel absorbed, protected, and I reflect; I meditate and become impenetrable–I become mystery.

BLACK is the color of introversion, the gaze that turns inward and leaves the world in search of the inner sun. With BLACK I put up a glamorous barrier.

BROWN makes me practical, reserved and humble. BROWN protects me from the world. BROWN is the color of the earth and gives me stability; it gives me my roots, it gives me the idea of the center.

GREEN gives me peace, takes care of me, cleans me, unites me with others. GREEN is deep peace, it is growth. GREEN encourages and supports. GREEN is a harmonious belonging to a community, to a group of friends.

SILVER is the color sacred to the Moon and to the lunar, feminine deities, and protects me from malevolent energies. It is the reflection of the moonlight. SILVER is when I am versatile, available; when I speak with pleasure and move quickly. I feel silver while journeying.

Opposite that is GOLD, and the Sun; it is the masculine principle, the manifest light. GOLD is healing, it is preciousness. It is nobility of spirit; it is a symbol of royalty, the divine investiture of temporal power, the highest spirituality, the highest perfection.

PEARL is the color of the moon’s rays. It takes us back to the archaically feminine; to the tides, emotions, the unconscious, the inner journey, fertility and self-esteem. The color of PEARL protects me on sea trips and accompanies me on my inner journey towards my psyche. When I wear a PEARL I stabilize my emotions, my moodiness and I harmonize with the true essence of things.

COPPER is the color that has always been linked to Venus, the goddess of love; it is virtue, it is generosity, it is vice, it is lust. It brings back to the spiritual experience the vision of beauty triumphant.

PURPLE is the color of amethyst; it is the highest plane. PURPLE is the idea of God, the peace that comes from fusion with the whole, the experience of communion, the eternal mind, the conscience that has a sense of its own eternity. PURPLE is devotion, it is spirituality. PURPLE is the thought that sees the hidden causes and knows how to forgive everything. I am very much in PURPLE when I cannot hold a grudge, when I do not feel the seed of revenge and everything seems distant, past and useless.

GRAY is neutrality, humility, boundaries, confidentiality. GRAY is the color of the distance between you and me.

Text by Angela Galli

Graphics by Andrea Lunghi

The Anatomy of Color

The Anatomy of Color

Pantone” is a bizarre word, a funny mystery, almost nonsense. It is also a particular type of marker pen and a Brussels hotel with a décor in the rainbow palette. But above all, it is a system developed in the 1950s to classify the colors and translate those printed in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) simply thanks to a code. And since the Dampaì motto is about color, and the chromatic variations of our collections are the result of an emotional and courageous choice at the same time, the universe of color is particularly close to our hearts.

For over twenty years, the Pantone Color of the Year has guided product development and purchasing decisions in the fields of fashion; interior, graphic, and industrial design; even packaging and chef dishes. A team of experts from the Pantone Color Institute explores the virtual sphere of social media but also every corner of our earth-and-water globe to identify new trends in terms of color, ranging from the world of entertainment to fashion, from art to design, from sport to new technologies, to the most popular tourist destinations. Because Pantone is a palette of infinite shades, a multi-ethnic language, a lifestyle.

Pablo Picasso used to say: “When I no longer have blue, I wear red.” Yes, but which red?

Everything is Illuminated

Ultimate Gray (Pantone 17-5104) and Illuminating (Pantone 13-0647) , respectively a solid and sparkling gray like the pebbles of a beach, and a vivid and warm yellow like the rays of the sun that illuminate it; the first being concrete and reassuring, while the other is soft and vibrant with hope. In a historical moment in which we just want to come back to embracing each other, the Pantone 2021 colors are two , “to demonstrate that different elements come together to support each other” they write in the official statement. A combination of strength and solidarity, which conveys the desire to start over, to make up for lost time, to look at everyday life and the future with renewed energy. Because we need to think that everything will shine again.

The History of Pantone Colors of the Year

The first “Pantone Color of the Year” was, in 2000, the color Cerulean Blue 15-4020. It is the color of the sky and the sea, and in the same year it was proclaimed “Color of the Millennium”.

In 2001 the tranquility of blue was forgotten and Pantone celebrated Fuchsia Rose 17-2031, a bold and captivating color, capable of attracting the female universe.

In 2002 it was True Red 19-1664, an intense and deep red shade with a strong patriotic appeal that was chosen as a result of the terrorist attacks of September 11th.

In 2003 the color of the year was Aqua Sky 14-4811, a cool blue, one of the most relaxing blue-green shades, chosen to restore hope.

In 2004 , Tigerlily 17-1456 , a warm orange that mixes points of red and yellow that evoke power and passion in one and hope in the other; two colors from which a bold and regenerating color was created.

In 2005 Pantone, following the vein of nature, selected Blue Turquoise 15-5217 , the color of the sea, a sweeter and fresher version of Turquoise.

In 2006 , it was Sand Dollar 13-1106 , a neutral shade, also with natural references, which well expressed the concerns of those years for the economic situation.

2007 was the year of Chili Pepper 19-1557 , an explosion of color that reflects the spirit of adventure and the self-confident attitude of all the individuals who at that time began to express and manifest their personality through blogs and the pages of the first social networks.

In 2008 , Pantone chose Blue Iris 18-3943, a color that satisfies the need for reassurance in an increasingly complex world, with the addition of a pinch of mystery and excitement.

2009 was the year of Mimosa Yellow 14-0848, a reassuring color, an expression of optimism and hope, fundamental in a time of economic uncertainty and political change.

The Pantone color of the year 2010 was Turquoise 15-5519 with its ability to evoke pleasant thoughts and images of tropical paradises to escape to from with the imagination from everyday problems and thus restore a sense of well-being.

Honeysuckle 18-2120, was the color of 2011: a pink shade tending to red, encouraging and stimulating, which instills confidence and courage to face the challenges of everyday life with verve and enthusiasm.

In 2012, on the wave of this energy, it was the turn of Tangerine Tango 17-1463: a lively reddish orange that combines the adrenaline rush of red with the warmth of yellow, to form a magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy.

In 2013, growth, renewal and prosperity brought Emerald Green 17-5641 to be the color of the year for its ability to convey a sense of regeneration, which is why in past centuries many countries chose this shade of green to represent healing.

In 2014 Pantone changed from green to purple and chose Radiant Orchid 18-3224, a captivating mix of fuchsia, purple and pink shades, which captures attention with its seductive charm, stimulates the imagination, inspires confidence and emanates joy, love and well-being.

In 2015 the color of the year was Marsala 18-1438, a naturally simple and robust red wine,

In 2016, Pantone chose two colors, which was a great novelty compared to previous years: Rose Quartz 13-1520 and Serenity 15-3919. The first romantic and delicate…

…the second relaxing and refined. These two colors give a feeling of balance and safety thanks to the embrace between the warmth of pink and the cold of blue.

The color of the year 2017 was Greenery TCX 15-0343, a very difficult green to wear. A color that symbolizes our desire to renew ourselves and get back in touch with nature.

2018 was the year of PANTONE Ultra Violet 18-3838 , a dramatically provocative and reflective shade of purple that communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking, and shows us the way to the future.

Lively yet delicate, Living Coral 16-1546 was the color of the year 2019 , which envelops us with warmth, instilling optimism in a constantly changing world. With the invasion of digital technology and social media increasingly an integral part of our daily lives, we are looking for authentic and engaging experiences that allow us to establish personal bonds and intimacy.

. 2020 was the year of Classic Blue 19-4052 , an eternal and timeless shade of blue, elegant and simple. Recalling the sky at dusk, the reassuring qualities of this stimulating color highlight our desire for a stable base from which to start as we prepare to cross the threshold of a new era.

Text by Marco Tenucci

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