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Is silicone eco-friendly?

Braccialetti in silicone con accessorio in acciaio Bernardo&Cuore Dampaì

Silicone is indisputably a sustainable alternative to plastic.

Eco-friendly: silicone, unlike plastic which is a derivative of petroleum, is a derivative of silicon and due to its composition is considered part of the rubber family. Silica is one of the most widespread natural resources on earth and is absolutely non-polluting. It has been used for centuries for the production of glass and is currently used in many industrial sectors.

Resistant and non-toxic to aquatic or soil organisms: silicone resists extreme changes in temperature – from very cold to very hot – without melting, cracking or degrading.  It is practically indestructible, unlike plastic which, dispersed in the environment, breaks down into micro-fragments (microplastics) contaminating our land, the oceans, and becoming food for the animals that confuse the brightly colored pieces of plastic waste for food.

Recyclable: Silicone is not a hazardous waste and, although not biodegradable, it can be recycled after a lifetime of use.

Respectful of the environment: it does not contain oil, does not contain lead, does not contain PVC, all potentially harmful substances for both human health and the environment.

Silicone mon amour

Versatile, resistant, recyclable after a long life, non-polluting, respectful of the earth, flora and fauna, seas and oceans: silicone is indisputably a sustainable alternative to plastic. Polymer, manufactured from silica, which is found in great abundance in rocks and sand, and which has been used for centuries for the production of glass; silicone is a material that lends itself to multiple uses above all in the field of design and fashion accessories. A striking example is the line of 100% silicone bags that Dampaì has combined with the classic production of leather and recycled leather bags.

The brand, founded in 2011, fruit of the creativity of Simona Giovannetti, Elban architect and fashion designer who has always been attracted to the colorful world of plastic, has found in silicone a valid eco-friendly alternative.

 “I needed a material capable of overcoming numerous challenges: safer for health than plastic, completely recyclable and therefore with less impact on the environment, but at the same time durable, unalterable, hypoallergenic, soft, able to sustain and if possible, expand the chromatic range in which our collections are realized”.

 “This is how they came to be created: Cini n ° 2, Cini n ° 3, Lucia n ° 4 and the Pouch, all made of a silicone carefully chosen to withstand intense use and capable, in their versatility, of embodying style and taste, and lasting over time, because

“a design bag is forever “.

Four models different in design, size and color, but united by a virtuous project and a romantic slogan:

“Silicone mon amour”.

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