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Deep Red


Red has the impetus and dignity of an intrepid heart (Man Ray)

When, every year on February 14, Valentine’s Day knocks punctually on our door, everything around us has already taken on total red colors for days; from flowers to cards, from chocolates to hearts, from clothing to any type of gadget. Just think that in the last twenty years the Pantone Color Institute – which identifies the new trends in terms of color – has repeatedly suggested a variation of red, from Chili Pepper to Grenadine, from Living Coral to Flame Scarlet, from Valiant Poppy to True Red. Many shades but a common denominator: symbolizing passion and anger, jealousy and sin, pulsing blood and eager lips – in short, life and love.

Fashion journalist Diana Vreeland, considered a style icon in the 1960s, said that “Red is a great clarifier – bright and revealing. I can’t imagine getting bored with red – it would be like getting bored with the person I love. ‘ And since we, too, hate boredom, here is all the red of our collections.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Text by Marco Tenucci