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Democratic design


I like to think that one of my bags can be worn by anyone, following the idea of ​​”democratic design” that made IKEA great.

When DAMPAÌ was first founded in 2010, there were only big name bags with three zero prices and cheap bags on the market. The latter were ordinary, without even a touch of originality or innovation.

DAMPAÌ entered this market with the vision of selling dreams at affordable prices and transforming fashion objects into wearable design objects.

For the creation of the bags, I looked for less precious and less expensive materials such as recycled leather, felt from plastic bottles (PET), EVA plastic and later, silicone. I designed the first bag and then the following ones with exactly the same method with which, for many years, I designed “houses and things”. A DAMPAÌ bag had to be functional, with simple (almost architectural) lines, and aesthetically appealing. A DAMPAÌ bag had to be different from everything that the market was already offering.

This is how the Bernarda / Handbag line of bags came to be, simple in both design and manufacture.

The One, Two and Three bags could be completely disassembled in order to be easily transported, with savings both in shipping to our retailers and in product storage.

Today, we still have the TWO and THREE models on the market. These bags have been reviewed and revised and, due to their simplicity of manufacture, they are packaged inside the DAMPAÌ laboratory, in the Porto Azzurro prison.

I believe that any artist, stylist, or designer like me should be interested in conveying their aesthetic ideas to as many people as possible, leaving behind the elitist and now obsolete principle of “beauty for a few”, and in contrast trying to develop concepts of aesthetics and beauty that are accessible to a large number of people, in terms both of taste and cost.

Simona Giovannetti Architect

The manufacture of each DAMPAÌ fashion leather bag is Italian, and they are produced and packaged in our Tuscan laboratory; every detail of the bag and each accessory is especially produced to our design (zip pulls, logo, buttons ….), and each model is a unique design and cannot be found on the market in other bags with the same target audience.