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• When should I contact Customer Service?
You can contact us for any problem by writing to; we will gladly answer all your questions to provide you with the best service.

In order to speed up the resolution of the most common problems, we provide below a list of the same with the relevant resolution:

• I registered but did not receive the email from the system
We invite you to check whether it was archived by your mail management software, in the “SPAM” or “UNWANTED MAIL” folder. Being an automatic sending system, this could happen for technical reasons.

• A failed transaction message appears to me while I am paying with PayPal
It often occurs when the monthly availability of the credit card linked to your account has run out or is not sufficient.
At other times it may be that there are problems connecting to your bank’s server, in which case no amount will be charged to your credit card. Just wait a few minutes and try again or change the payment method.